Bill Malloy III – Proven Entrepreneur, Company Builder, and Investor

Bill Malloy

A successful entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Bill Malloy identifies innovative, engineering-driven software companies in which to invest and help build. As the co-founder of Sway Ventures, a firm that focuses on investing in software companies while providing them with direct, hands-on support in daily operations, Bill Malloy contributed to the growth of a strategic startup ecosystem between the United States and other parts of the world, including Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

As a member of DFJ–Zone Ventures, Mr. Malloy devoted time to seeking potential investments throughout California. He collaborated with leadership at these companies to address financial structuring and operational issues while fine-tuning each organization’s overall strategic positioning. Previously, he co-led investments in multiple top startups, including Uber, Lyft, SendGrid, and Twilio.

Throughout his career, Mr. Malloy has gained significant experience in business development and product management. Positions include five years with, which was sold to Real Network, and MusicMatch, which was sold to Yahoo. In addition, Mr. Malloy is the cofounder of NEX3, which creates innovative technologies and focuses on startup acceleration.

Several prominent companies have placed him on their boards and benefited from his strategic guidance. These companies include Le Tote, Zanbato, LiveAction, Fetch Robotics, and Affinity.

Bill Malloy serves as president of Malloy and Company, where he also holds a board seat. This organization drives innovation that creates positive change in the community and serves the environment. In addition, he is engaged with the Malloy Foundation, which makes strategic philanthropic investments. As a philanthropist, he is primarily interested in nonprofits that focus on cancer and offer unique approaches to problems at all stages of the disease’s life cycle, from diagnosis to treatment. He is also the co-founder of the PEERS Network in San Diego and previously acted as treasurer and board member of the Equinox Center.