The First Terms at USC Marshall School of Business

USC Marshall School of Business pic
USC Marshall School of Business

A founding general partner of Sway and board member and president of Malloy & Company, Bill Malloy has built a successful career in the venture capital and private equity fields. Bill Malloy began his career after receiving an MBA degree in finance and entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business.

Offering a top-rated business education, USC Marshall extends the university’s role as a visionary and innovative leader in Southern California. Students who are part of the school’s full-time MBA program receive a well-rounded education in business.

All first-year students must complete core classes in areas such as strategy, marketing, accounting, and finance. These courses provide a strong foundational knowledge of the profession.

Following their first term, students participate in seven-week consulting assignments carried out with clients in the Los Angeles area. In the following term, students begin learning about business on an international level, comparing and contrasting business in the United States with business in other countries. The term includes a mandatory 10-day overseas trip that includes visits to selected companies around the world.

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