Marshall Business School Offers Real Estate Association

USC Marshall School of Business pic
USC Marshall School of Business


Bill Malloy serves board member of Malloy & Company and general partner at /Sway Ventures. Leading up to his work with Malloy & Company, Bill Malloy earned an MBA through the Marshall School of Business. While there, he also had been involved in the Graduate Real Estate Association.

The Marshall School of Business is part of the University of Southern California. Its graduates come from many different backgrounds with varied experience. The USC Graduate Real Estate Association offers opportunities for students to learn about various facets of real estate such as law, construction, and accounting.

Students are able to join after paying a yearly fee and have access to events that take place weekly, such as the Lusk Center Speakers Series. Each meeting offers a lunch and allows students the chance to network with industry executives. Every spring, construction site visits allow students to witness guided tours of projects under construction, so they can see firsthand how they are built. There is also a Lusk Mentorship Program that is held every fall, offering students the opportunity to be paired with an executive for one year.

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