How You Can Attract Top Performers with These Unique Perks

happy employee

Attracting top performers to your organization isn’t just about providing strong compensation packages. Although it is important to make sure you compensate your workers fairly, it’s not the only factor worth considering.

Top performers tend to be ambitious. They also, to some degree, tend to know their value. That’s why an impressive paycheck isn’t the only perk they seek out when considering potential employers. You need to determine what else you can offer to attract the kind of talent that will help your organization thrive in the long run.

The following are certain examples worth keeping in mind. They don’t represent all the perks you might offer in an attempt to attract skilled employees, but they are significant examples that you may have overlooked.


Additional On-Site Amenities

In many industries, work hours are growing longer. These days, people are expected to arrive at the office earlier and leave later.

It’s important to not let this trend continue to such a degree that it has a negative impact on employee engagement. People need time away from work to feel thoroughly satisfied. However, if your employees are occasionally expected to work longer-than-average hours, you should at least strive to make the office environment a convenient and engaging place to be.

For example, major companies such as Google offer their workers amenities such as fitness centers, game rooms, barber shops, and more. While you may not have the space for these amenities at your office, you can likely think of upgrades that go beyond the basic “coffee and vending machine in the break room” offerings.

The main point to keep in mind is simple: spending too much time at the office prevents employees from participating in other important life activities or completing other important tasks. You need to make it easier for them to participate in these activities at work. For instance, Google likely offers on-site haircuts because it helps busy workers find time for what would otherwise be an inconvenient errand.


Unique Breaks

Remember, it’s essential that your employees are able to comfortably take breaks. Even the most dedicated will experience burnout if they are constantly working long hours with no chance to relax.

You can make your working environment even more attractive to top performers by offering unique breaks that aren’t available at most organizations.

Consider the example of Patagonia. This popular outdoor apparel brand benefits from a workforce that genuinely enjoys the lifestyle it promotes. For example, one way the company attracts talent is to allow employees at offices near the beach to take surfing breaks when the waves are too enticing to ignore.

beach surfing

Though not every office is near a beach, you can probably identify other ways to make breaks more relaxing and enjoyable for your workers. Perhaps you could set aside a yoga/meditation studio in the office. Workers can retreat to this space when they need to clear their heads and refocus.

Some companies have also begun setting aside areas of the office featuring greenery (either real or fake), as well as pictures of beautiful scenes from nature. This is because recent studies have indicated that simply looking at a picture of nature for a few minutes is often enough to promote greater relaxation in a person. So, if your office isn’t close enough to nature for employees to take breaks in, they can at least immerse themselves in a worthwhile substitute. Doing so makes breaks more relaxing and invigorating.

This doesn’t merely help you attract talented workers. It also helps you to boost productivity. Employees are more likely to stay focused and motivated when their breaks provide respite from the hustle and bustle of the office.


Tuition Coverage (Modified)

Starbucks is famous for offering full tuition at Arizona State University to all of its employees, highlighting a key point: today’s ambitious workers want to know they have opportunities for growth. They’re attracted to companies that provide them with chances to develop their knowledge and skills.

While you may not be able to cover full tuition for your workers, you can potentially pay for the cost of key training programs and certifications. Highlighting this benefit during the recruitment phase signals to top performers that yours is the type of company that values its employees’ potential for growth.

Of course, attitudes toward work are always changing. You need to consistently research which perks and benefits are most important to today’s workers in order to remain competitive. These are simply a few examples worth considering.